What’s the wildest thing that ever happened to you during an outdoor adventure?

Did you accidentally set your boots on fire? Get attacked by hungry raccoons or investigated by a curious bear?

What’s it like to be a park ranger? What happens when you get bucked off a horse, dangled from a cliff, bitten by bloodthirsty horseflies, or fall smack-flat onto your butt while leading a group of scouts down a trail?

These hilarious and eye-popping adventures will capture your imagination and carry you right into the experience of visiting our beautiful parklands; for all to enjoy! A fun beach read, or great stories for families to share.

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Book cover with Silver Medal for Non Fiction Author’s Association and also the Gold Medal Finalist Award for Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Silver Medal for Non Fiction Author’s Association and
the Gold Medal Finalist Award for Next Generation Indie Book Awards
International Book Award Finalist 2023

Finalist in four categories:

Narrative Nonfiction
Nonfiction: Inspirational
Travel: Guides & Essays

Praise & Reviews

“Get ready for adventure and big laughs as author Rosanne S. McHenry regales you with tales of her coming-of-age during family camping trips up and down the western United States and Canada. Trip Tales continue when she gives readers numerous rare, up close, and unflinching views of the ups and downs of the life of a ranger—the job she was born to do.”

Author of The Soul of Yosemite: Finding, Defending, and Saving the Valley's Sacred Wild Nature and Wolf Time

Trip Tales takes the reader through the author’s family experiences that influenced her career choice as a park ranger. Well-written, it is entertaining while delivering a serious message on ‘what it takes’ to work in this field. A must-read for someone considering such a career, and a fun read for anyone.”

Co-author of The Sempervirens Story:
A Century of Preserving the Redwoods
and former Chief Deputy Director, California State Park System

“In Trip Tales, Rosanne McHenry displays her stellar storytelling skills as she takes us with her on her journey from hapless camper to rock star ranger. With humor and insight, she shares the lessons learned along the way as well as her deep and abiding love and respect for the land.”

―DIANNE MILLIARD, National Park Ranger
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

“A delightful tale of adventure in the great outdoors— from childhood camper to park ranger— a life joyously lived and charmingly told with heart and humor. Bravo!”

author of Yosemite Farewell:
An Untold Tale from the California Gold Rush
and They Saw the Elephant: Women in the California Gold Rush

“Rosanne's engaging stories of her family's vacations in our national and state parks are an inspiration to parents and teachers. Her adventures led to a fascination with nature and a career as a dedicated and passionate National Park Ranger.”

Trip Leader, Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors
and Certified California Naturalist

“The author and I met in unusual  circumstances. We bumped into each other in a village in northern Lapland, well above the Arctic Circle. Each of us had been invited to a symposium to speak about gold in our representative countries. Rosanne is a remarkable woman and it is gratifying that she has agreed to commit aspects of this significant life of hers to print.

Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society
Author of Gold in Britain

Trip Tales is a fun and enjoyable stroll down memory lane. I believe all readers who spent their childhoods camping with their families will relate fondly to the adventures and misadventures of the author, her siblings and her parents. As a retired California State Park Ranger, I especially enjoyed Ms. McHenry’s recollections of her time working at Mt. Rainier. I look forward to reading the next installment of her memoir, Trip Tales Two: Travels with Gus.”

California Supervising State Park Peace Officer,
Ranger (Retired)

"This is a remarkable book. I laughed. I cried. I now want to take my family camping after previously swearing that would be a bad idea. Roseanne McHenry depicts her own family with such tender affection and lucidity that you will fall in love with these delightful people and their raucous outdoor adventures. You'll also get to follow along as those very childhood experiences influence her to become a fully fledged interpretive park ranger caring for and sharing our nation's natural heritage. Her zeal for the rugged outdoor life—and her respect for it's humbling dangers and grandeur—is positively contagious."
―Genevieve Parker Hill,
Author, Experience Over Stuff

“A fun and insightful read into the joys of being outdoors, and the trials and tribulations in the early life of a park ranger.”

California State Park Ranger, Historian,
and retired Ranger/Superintendent

About the Author

Rosanne McHenry lives in Auburn, California with her husband, Vernon. Their home is next to the American River Canyon in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Rosanne has worked as a National Park Ranger and a California State Park Ranger in many different locations over the years, including the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mt. Rainier National Park, Auburn State Recreation Area, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and Death Valley National Park, among others.

Her time spent on camping trips with her family as a child gave her a tremendous love for the outdoors as well as a deep understanding of how important it is to protect our natural resources.

Trip Tales talks about how her childhood experiences shaped her decision to become a park ranger, and her first assignments working for the U.S. National Park Service in California and Washington.

“Being a park ranger gave me a unique opportunity to talk to people about our natural world, and to instill a deep sense of stewardship in each person I met. This beautiful planet, our Earth, is our shared heritage, and we all play an important role in protecting it.”

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