Tales from a Rogue Ranger

A park ranger's job is nothing like you might imagine. This is an engaging, entertaining, and wildly unusual read about the untamed life of a woman ranger working in the stunning American River Canyon of California.

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About the Author

Rosanne McHenry lives in Auburn, California with her husband, Vernon. Their home is next to the American River Canyon in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Rosanne has worked as a National Park Ranger and a California State Park Ranger in many different locations over the years, including the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mt. Rainier National Park, Auburn State Recreation Area, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and Death Valley National Park, among others.

Her time spent on camping trips with her family as a child gave her a tremendous love for the outdoors as well as a deep understanding of how important it is to protect our natural resources.

Trip Tales talks about how her childhood experiences shaped her decision to become a park ranger, and her first assignments working for the U.S. National Park Service in California and Washington.

“Being a park ranger gave me a unique opportunity to talk to people about our natural world, and to instill a deep sense of stewardship in each person I met. This beautiful planet, our Earth, is our shared heritage, and we all play an important role in protecting it.”

Praise & Reviews for Tales from a Rogue Ranger

“On the American River watershed outside Sacramento where the Gold Rush never really ended, Rosanne McHenry came to work with a contingent of crusty, hardened park rangers. With gentle wit, here are her vignettes.”

―Jordan Fisher Smith,
Author of
Nature Noir and Engineering Eden.

"Looking for an escape from the world's problems? This hilarious book chronicling the escapades of park rangers in California will make you laugh out loud … and think twice before visiting your favorite park in case you run into the drunks, criminals and reprobates that Rosanne McHenry had to deal with to make parks safe for everyone else."

―David R. Boyd.
Author of The Rights of Nature: A Legal
Revolution That Could Save the World

“The presentation of real life experiences in this book glow with the revelations and frustrations of park rangers. Protecting the people from our parks and the parks from our people is a curious challenge unique to park rangers. Within the pages of this book is the madness and gladness of the profession.”

―Cliff Collier,
National Park Service Protection Ranger.

“From drug busts and drunken brawls to teen romance on display, from an attack goose to a pot-bellied pig on the loose, Rosanne S. McHenry regales her readers with madcap adventures as a California State Park Ranger working in California’s American River Canyon.”

―Barbara J. Moritsch,
Ecologist and Author of Wolf Time and
The Soul of Yosemite, Finding, Defending, and
Saving the Valley's Sacred Wild Nature.

“Rosanne tells it like it is, with humor and wonderful details of the pains and joys of working as a California State Park Ranger. Fantastic park stories of people and Mother Nature are featured inside this fascinating peek at the world of a park ranger. Funny, intriguing, and a really good read!”

―Mike Lynch,
Retired California State Park Ranger and Historian.
Author of Rangers of California State Parks:
Over 125 Years of Protection and Service.

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